About Us

Founded in 2012, Goindo Sejahtera Sports is a distributor company selling sports-bicycle related brands.

GoIndo believe that bicycle as a lifestyle makes people's lives better as it improves their health and help to create more sustainable environment.

As a company, we focus on serving customers do their businesses well, thus taking part of creating a positive difference for sustainable environment.

Bike bring you places that cars never see

Just Roll With It

Our Vision & Mission

We aim to be a leading company in promoting cycling & sports as a healthy lifestyle in Indonesia. Riding bicycle can impact on positive changes to individuals, communities, and eventually to a better world.

Our mission:

  • to build trust and personal relationship between our brands and people, whether to individuals or communities
  • to serve dealers by being focused, giving services and attention for the overall process
  • to share with communities by joint sport programs and events, support employees with bicycle fun day and healthy lifestyle